This oil painting of a cat is in tribute to a stray. As the story goes Boe was one hell of a cat. There were conflicting reports as to his age, some said he was 19 other people told us he was 30. No matter what his age, he was a scrapper.

The one thing everyone did agree on was that Boe lived in the house when his owner discovered he had brain cancer and died very soon after. The wife not wanting to stay in the house, sold it and moved 40 miles away taking the cats with her. In all the turmoil no one explained to the cat what was going on. So as soon as he could, he got out of the new house and proceeded to walk back to HIS house.

The neighbors were taking care of him. When we moved in he decided we were his new people and proceeded to move in with us.

I find cats to have an innate sense of mystery and drama that make them perfect models. He loved to pose for me so he became a perfect subject for an oil painting of a cat. He peers intently out of the picture plain as well as any human model. He tended to both judge and dismiss you at the same time. Though he’d spent most of his life as an outdoor cat he gives off an air of a feline of superior breeding.