Practice and Observation or Practice makes perfect

other wise known as practice makes perfect

Painting is the perfect combination of science and art. Like science you learn through observation and experimentation. It is the same with art. Artist experiment with color in order to create an image.  Students lament failures, but an artist knows that visual experimentation is the means to create something great. In other words practice makes perfect.

Painting Outside Practice
New Art Classes to Practice

One of the best ways to do this is to make painting studies under different lighting conditions.  You must discard preconceived concepts of the “color of things”. Break down subjects into component hues and experiment with color and combinations to achieve a paint facsimile.

As an art, painting requires constant practice in order to master the form. Studies also play a part here. The more you paint, the better your paintings will be, the easier the studies will be, the better quality of observations you will make. One builds upon the other and back to the beginning again.

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