Kathy’s Violin

Realistic painted violin

Kathy’s Violin

Kathy was a retired art teacher that I meet when I was working at a museum.  We would share teaching stories when no one was in the museum. I loved talking to Kathy because her face was always so animate.  I would look up at her to say something and she would have her lips all puckered up or her eye brows were dancing around as she was thinking.  It was almost like her face was a reflection of her cognitive process.

I started the musical instrument portraits and was talking to her about it and she asked if I was only going to do guitars and I told her no I was hopping to do all kinds of instruments.  That was when she shared with me that she was part of a celtic womans group and she played violin.  We spoke for some time about her instrument.

She told me about how she had won a newer violin but that she never played it because she loved the sound of her older instrument.  I asked her if it was a violin or a fiddle and she informed me that it was definitely a violin but she could not explain the difference to me.

When I saw the instrument I knew I had to create a portrait of it.  The nicks that went all the way down to the wood and the crackling in the varnish told of a instrument that had been played.  An instrument that has no marks isn’t being played.  When I held it in the sunlight the wood just glowed with the yellow and oranges of the finish.


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