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College for Kids Paint Like Masters 2017

College for Kids Paint Like Masters class for 2017


Paint Like Masters
Paint Like Masters

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and when it comes to painting, it is also one of the best ways to learn.  For centuries aspiring artists have studied under great masters, copying and building on their techniques.  Under the direction of professional artist, Jackie Tice, you will learn about different paint handling techniques and the impact of color combinations while learning about the great masters of art.

Deadline for sign up is June 5

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College for Kids Pocket Sketch classes 2017

College for Kids Pocket Sketch Classes for 2017

Hurry to sign up for Pocket Sketch class. Only 5 seats left and registration closes June 5th.

Watercolor Pencil Pocket Sketch
Watercolor Pencil Pocket Sketch

Explore and record the world around you with the technique known as Pocket Sketching.  This quick draw method is a visual arts journal for the artist.  Grab your art pad, pens and pencils, along with a portable supply kit as professional artist, Jackie Tice, will help you capture mood and character in the world around you.

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Children’s Art Classes New for 2017

Get Ready For Summer Fun With Children’s Art Classes at Parkland College

It’s time to make family plans for summer fun with children’s art classes!

College for Kids (CFK) is a summer program for students entering grades 3 through 8. For the last 35 years, CFK has offered two-week classes ranging from engineering to art, radio broadcasting to astronomy, and everything in between. Classes are hands-on and interactive, and they put the fun in learning! To find out more check out CFK!

Children's Art Classes
College For Kids Art Classes

This year I have three art classes at CFK.  The first Paint Like the Masters is a two-week intensive class where we analyze what the artist did but also the time period in which they created.  This is not only a hands on painting class but an art history class as well.  The second class Pocket Sketch is a technique to record the world around you.  This is better than just taking a photo because with pocket sketch you are recording more than what you see. The last class is a watercolor pencil class.  We will be learning this medium that is both a pencil and a watercolor.

Registration is already open so hurry to sign up for your favorite class now.


College for Kids Watercolor Pencil class 2017

College for Kids Watercolor Pencil Class

The secret to watercolors is 50/50.  You only have 50% control over what the outcome is.  The other 50% is the medium.  If you are not the kind of artist that can give up 50% of how the image will look than watercolor is not for you.  However; watercolor pencil gives you more control then straight watercolor.

Watercolor Pencil Class at Parkland College

Watercolor Pencil Class
Watercolor Pencil Pocket Sketching

Learn to shade and color with watercolor pencils and create beautiful works of art!  Under the direction of professional artist Jackie Tice, you will explore color theory as well as techniques specific to the medium.  This is a great class for students who love to draw and paint.  As you learn, you will make some great works of art and develop your own artistic and visual style.

Registration closes May 5th

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New Adult Art Class in June Deadline to Sign Up

New Adult Art Classes in June Coming to Parkland Community College

I did this class for College for Kids last year and it was a big hit.  So much that the program manager for Community Education at Parkland wanted to adapt this to a new adult art class.

The great thing about pocket sketch is with a small drawing pad and a pencil you are ready to record any inspiration, at any time during your day.  But pocket sketching is more than just drawing.  Using some simple techniques I will be helping you to quickly record images and words that can be used to trigger memories.  Memories and thoughts that can be used to create images in your studio.

Adult Art Class

Pocket Sketch

Adult Pocket Sketch Art Classes
Adult Pocket Sketch Art Classes

Explore and document the world around you with the technique known as pocket sketching. This quick-draw method is a visual journal for artists. Armed with a sketch pad and portable supplies, artist and instructor Jackie TIce will show you how to make a personal art journal that captures both mood and character. No experience necessary, just a desire to draw.

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New Art Classes at Parkland Come Sign Up!

New Art Classes at Parkland CommunIty College Come and Sign Up!

Painting Outside
New Art Classes

I would like to announce new art classes at Parkland College.  Painting outside can be fun but challenging.  You have to carry your art supplies and then a seat, sometimes a umbrella to keep the sun of off you while you work.  Don’t forget your bug spray!  Trying to juggle all these things can be a challenge, especially if you have to hike to a distance.

Join us at a new art class as we create Plein Air packs to get our supplies were we want to be and make art with us all over the Parkland campus.  Bring what ever art medium you prefer and lets get out and make images.

Class runs from July 31 until August 28.  Class times are from 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM


Plein Air Painting

Plein air (open air) is the method popularized by the impressionists. Now, Jackie Tice will teach you the method and skills to paint in the open environment. You’ll discuss media and supplies and assemble portable kits. Then you’ll put lessons to practice each week in prearranged locations.

To sign up click here.

Drawing Fundamentals Class

Drawing Fundamentals Class at Parkland College

Art historians will tell you that drawing was the first art form we humans used.  In many ways the drawing fundamentals is the basis that all art depends on because drawing is utilized by all other art techniques.

Line DrawingI tell my students that any one can learn to draw.  But it does take practice to become good at.  Come take a drawing class and discover the techniques and applications of observational drawing.  I will guide you through exploration of line and contour,  shape and form, light and shadows, space and depth, and proportion and perspective.  We will be using a range of materials and drawing media.  So if you need a brush up to get better at the basics, or if you want to explore something new sign up information is here.

Drawing Fundamentals Class at Parkland Community College, Champaign Il.

June 7 – 28

6:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Art in Miniature

Miniature Fine Art Painting Class at Gaslight Art Colony

Just as painting large has its own set of difficulties painting miniature is just as challenging. In this class we will be painting miniature images. It is hard to define what is a miniature but we will be will be using a one sixth rule.  What ever the original is it will be painted in one sixth scale.  So bring your smallest brushes and your best magnifying glass.  We will be utilizing different techniques and different materials to create unique small paintings.

Art in Miniature Class will be held on Saturday, November 14th, and 21st.  To sign up for class stop by the Art Colony at 516 Archer Ave., Marshall, IL 62441. Stay tuned for the link to sign up for classes or for more information about this class please contact us at 217-293-1050 or

Painting on Copper

Painting on Copper Class At Gaslight Art Colony

Painting cat on copper
Painting on Copper

Painting on copper has a long history reaching all the way back to Renaissance Italy. Renaissance artist painted

miniatures on copper to give away to perspective clients to show of their abilities as a painter. Creating the very first business card.

Painting on copper has very unique properties.  Leaving the copper to show in spaces lets light reflect of the copper and gives the painting a warm reflective glow.

In this class we will be cover how to prep the copper for painting, techniques for painting in miniature, and how to protect the image for longevity.

There will be two classes held on Monday, November 9th, and 16th. The sessions run from 1:00-4:00.  To sign up for class stop by the Art Colony at 516 Archer Ave., Marshall, IL 62441. Stay tuned for the link to sign up for classes or for more information about this class please contact us at 217-293-1050 or