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Self Portrait # 1

An artist statement is how an artist thinks about their work.  I have found, that a great deal of the time, what an artist thinks and what the viewer thinks are very different. I always welcome your thoughts in a message.


I was obsessing with the ideal of “real”. But at the same time dealing with the limitations that the only real there is was paint on canvas. I am only creating the illusion of reality. Recently I realized that it was not the reality I am trying to capture but the individual. This is me presenting to you the individual. Not the abstract or the concept. I am not trying to impress you with my technique. It is me stepping out of the way and presenting to you for your introduction, observing, and or viewing of the individual on the canvas.

The impermanence of our world means that everything is in motion. All things are in flux. It is just that different things are changing at a different rate. An animals life span is shorter than ours. A building may last decades before being torn down and a guitar had a life as a tree before it was transformed into a musical instrument. All things are traveling through time. Everything is being changed by time and in this it shows it’s individuality.

We use the light to inform us about the subject. A sunny day, a cloudy day we draw a conclusion about the context of the painting. But what about the dark, does this inform us also. My dark colors are very dark and utilizing the oils ability for transparent colors I glaze warm and cool colors into the dark. This gives the eye something to look at even though when you glance at the work you think there is nothing to see.

As I have gotten older I have started to simplify my life. Concentrating on the people and activities that are most important to me. This simplification of my own life has lead me to crop my images closer and closer until the individual takes up the entire pictorial space. This cropping removes the surroundings focusing the viewer on the individual.

When I was younger I painted large paintings with many things in them, now I am painting slightly smaller canvases with one subject. As I grow older I will have to deal with physical limitations that will effect my work The march of time will change me as an individual. As the always changing world with its impermanence will alter everything, it is good to be mindful of the beauty of the moment and the individual.

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